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Find Your Flow in Your Meditation Practice with These Suggestions

Meditation is a skill set recommended by many, and it is with good reason. Not only can meditation decrease your blood pressure, but it can also reduce stress and improve sleep. With all these perks, it is obvious why people would want to commit to this mindful practice. To get started on the right foot, check out these tips below.


The first step is to commit to a regular practice—a few times a week, if possible. Be clear about the time you will carve out and where you will sit, relatively undisturbed. A popular time to meditate is first thing in the morning. Though, it’s okay to find a time that suits your schedule.


You can meditate inside or outside and can sit on the floor, on a cushion, bench, chair, or anything else that works for you. Beginners often find it’s easier to use an upright chair, sitting towards the front with their back straight, neck relaxed, chin. slightly tucked in. Rest your hands loosely on your lap or knees.

Be with Yourself.

The length of time that you choose to meditate depends on your preferences, circumstances, time available, and so forth. The important thing is that frequency trumps duration. When first starting, it’s recommended that you begin with a ten-minute session. You can increase or decrease time at your leisure.

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