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Looking to Give Back to Atlanta Community? Here Is Where You Can Volunteer

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The holidays – feasting, gift-giving, and seasonal movie watching – have come to an end. However, it doesn’t mean that everything about the holidays has to cease completely, including volunteering at a worthwhile local organization. Since we are several months deep into a global pandemic, there are now even more ways in which you can volunteer your time, money, and goodwill to help others. Databases for these opportunities, however, can be overwhelming, so we’ve provided you with 3 volunteer opportunities in Atlanta, Georgia to get the ball rolling on giving back this post-holiday season!

Drive seniors to their medical appointments.

Many seniors are unable to drive, so they look to their family and friends for transportation to the doctor’s office, the grocery store, and everywhere in-between. With organizations like I CARE, safe and friendly drivers can volunteer the time, car, and gas to offer seniors without this type of support free rides to their appointments. When volunteering with seniors, it’s incredibly important that you don’t put them at risk of catching COVID-19, so be sure to mask up and social distance even when you’re not volunteering. If you’re unable to safely serve as a driver, the non-profit takes monetary donations.

Build affordable, energy-efficient homes.

2020 has brought with it an even bigger threat to secure housing in Atlanta with COVID-19’s financial uproar. One organization, Habitat for Humanity, continues to fight housing displacement by responsibly revitalizing neighborhoods. Their homebuyer program gives first-time homebuyers the opportunity to build and buy an affordable, energy-efficient home in Atlanta with a 30-year, zero-interest mortgage. Register for one of Habitat for Humanity’s volunteer orientations, and you can take part in this affordable housing initiative by building a qualified homebuyer’s new home.

Show some love to your local animal shelter.

Even if you’re not considering adopting a pet anytime soon, there are still other ways to support your local animal shelter. Due to COVID-19, many animal shelters have been forced to ban volunteers on-site because pooches can catch the coronavirus, too. Luckily, shelters, like Paws Atlanta, have recently started accepting and training new volunteers. Just don’t wait too long to apply to work as an administrative volunteer, animal transporter, or cleaner/organizer, as many folks want to work with cute, furry friends and such positions go quickly!

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