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Get Your Next Social Media Post Looking Its Best with These Photo Editing Apps

How can you get the best photos – even if you aren’t a professional photographer? With improved cameras on smartphones, purchasable lenses, and photo editing apps, it’s easier than ever, actually. Perhaps, you have some photography experience that you want to translate to a new device, like your smartphone, or perhaps, you’re simply picking up a new hobby in quarantine. Whatever the reason, finding the best photo editing app is a very vital step in the phone photography process, yet, there are so many applications to choose from in the modern market.

Good thing Woodhaven at Park Bridge Apartments is here to break down the features of our favorite photo editing apps! Check them out below:


• All the basic functions you need, including crop, edit, adjust and resize.
• Advanced Photoshop features, like washed-out tones, saturated colors, and high contrast.
• Social platform grids for your photos to get discovered on your channel of choice.
• Amazing set of pre-set filters to automatically make your photo look great.
• An integrated camera that allows you to take photos directly from the app.


• User-friendly design and functionality, where everything is simply and logically categorized.
• Simplified editing tools, like crop, adjust, and auto fix for any beginner.
• Numerous advanced tools, like splash and more.
• Variety of preset filter options to lay over your photo without the extra hassle.
• Add text feature and collage-making option.


• Abundant selection of filters and frames to choose from.
• Varied options in lights and leaks options.
• AI-powered contrast, shadows, and highlights that understand your image.
• Free filter collections that were made by popular photographers.
• Ability to add overlays, texts, and even stickers.

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