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Consider Adding Toys to Your List of Items to Regularly Disinfect

We all clean in different ways – there’s no doubt about that. Whether you consider yourself a newbie or pro when it comes to deep cleaning, you’ve likely turned to online sources, such as this one, for extra tips on the process. Deep cleaning goes beyond the typical tasks you take part in around your apartment home. You’ll find yourself disinfecting all surfaces, running several loads of laundry, and dusting every inch of your apartment.

But, if you have children, your cleaning load increases ten-fold. For instance, it’s likely that you’re overlooking their toys. Unfortunately, children’s toys are filled with bacteria, which is why you should read on to discover our tips for disinfecting toys.

Hard-surface toys that aren’t fluffy, fuzzy, or otherwise porous are very easy to clean with bleach and water. First, wipe toys with a wet sponge and place them aside. Mix ½ cup of regular bleach with 1 gallon of water. Soak washable plastic toys in the solution for five minutes for sanitizing. You can also scrub toys for 5 minutes. Once clean, rinse the toys with warm water and let air dry.

When it’s time to give your child’s favorite teddy bear a bath, you’ll want to take a different approach. Use the gentlest cycle available on your washing machine. Wash plush toys in hot water with regular laundry detergent. You can also consider using a special laundry sanitizing product, which is now available at major retailers like Walmart.

Do your kids prefer electronic toys and games? Follow a simple method to remove grime and germs. With a clean cloth dipped in warm soapy water and well wrung out, wipe the toy to remove any dirt and grime. To kill bacteria, use a disinfecting wipe, an alcohol wipe, or dip a clean cloth in a mix of four teaspoons of chlorine bleach to one quart of water. Wring the cloth well and wipe the toy. Make sure the surface remains wet for five minutes before letting it air dry. If this toy is likely to wind up in your child's mouth, rinse it well with a damp clean cloth and let it air dry again.

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