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Get More Bang for Your Buck with These 3 Essential Online Shopping Tips

Shopping on the Internet has not only become a consumer preference, but it’s also a necessary way of conducting business during the coronavirus pandemic. Nowadays, ease of use and convenience are only two of the many benefits associated with e-commerce. Another – more important and relevant perk – is the fact that online shopping provides a contactless experience. By making a few simple clicks and field entries, you’ll soon have your package waiting for you in an assigned mailbox or for pick-up at the property’s leasing office – depending on your community’s package delivery policies, of course.

Either way, online shopping saves you an unnecessary trip to the store, and it’s often more affordable. However, you’d be naïve to assume that the price you find online is always cheaper than it is in-store cost. For that reason, we, at Woodhaven at Park Bridge Apartments, have come up with a useful list of tips that will allow you to get the most bang for your buck while shopping online.

Use Comparison Websites.

Consumer reports were relevant before the Internet was even a twinkle in its inventor’s eye, and now, comparison shopping is just as vital for many consumers. Before you make a purchase, it’s important to spend extra time comparing prices between different websites. You never know – that new smart TV you have your eye on may be cheaper on Walmart.com than it is on BestBuy.com. Luckily for online shoppers, you can evaluate prices with the help of a simple comparison website.

Apply Coupons, If Available.

It’s completely possible to apply coupons and other promotions to your items once they are in your virtual cart and ready for check-out. Once you’ve sign-up for email notifications with a respective website, many of them will send their applicable promotions straight to your inbox. You can also check out major couponing websites, like RetailMeNot.com, or download apps and browser extensions, such as Honey, to get the most out of your purchase.

Get Free Shipping.

Whenever and wherever you can, try to apply free shipping to your order. Some websites may feature it as a limited-time promotion, while others regularly offer it with a certain purchase threshold, such as over 35, 50, or 100-dollars. Even if you have to add an extra item to your cart to qualify, it is better to snag something else you want and/or need, as opposed to further depleting your bank account over shipping costs. Don’t forget certain websites – like Amazon – offer free shipping year-round to its members, too!

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