Ways to Take Care of Yourself on a Rainy Day

No matter the season, rain is always a constant. Be it freezing rain or summer rain, you’ll encounter it year-round. Since the rain is part of our life, we shouldn’t dread it coming. Instead, let us embrace the rainy day by making it our self-care day.

Since the rain forces us indoors, it’s the perfect day for us to slow down and make time for ourselves. There are numerous self-care activities you can do, but here are our favorites.

Pamper Yourself

Rainy days are perfect for long, hot baths. Whether you like bubble baths or bath bombs, it is a great to relax and spoil yourself. While the rain rages outside, light a scented candle, sip on some cucumber infused water in a nice wine glass and just relax. Hot water can reduce tension in your muscles so take your time. And, if you’ve been wanting to try a face mask or a new skincare routine, now’s the time to do it. The point is to pamper yourself, enjoy the moment and put all worries aside.

Read a Good Book

Curl up in your favorite chair, cuddle with a soft blanket, and open the pages of the book you’ve been wanting to read for a while now. You can also reread your favorite book if that will give you more comfort. No matter the book you choose, there’s just something cozy about sitting down, enjoying the sound of rain outside, and immersing yourself in the pages of a book. If you’ve been putting off reading, now’s your chance to start again.

Make Yourself a Hot Drink

A good book isn’t complete without a warm, comforting drink. As you go on adventures via the pages in your book, sip on your favorite hot drink. Be it coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, make yourself the drink that comforts you the most. The warmth seeping through the mug as you hold it in your hands is already comfort in itself.

Cook for Yourself

Assuming you’re staying in your apartment while it pours outside, why not spend your free time cooking for yourself? While going out for take-out or ordering in is an option, a rainy day is ideal for cooking since you can take all your time with it. Cooking is also a way to focus and direct your attention on one activity. The motions of cooking may seem tedious but it can be relaxing once you start. Try a recipe you’ve been eyeing or cook your favorite meal.

Watch a Movie or a TV Show

Sometimes, we beat ourselves up over binge-watching movies or tv shows. We all understand the need for productivity but we have to relax and let go of our responsibilities so that we can enjoy ourselves. Watching shows or movies is one way to do that. And if you’re stuck indoors due to the rain, now’s the time to catch up on the shows you’ve been wanting to watch. Prepare your watch list for a rainy day so that you’ll know what to prioritize when the day comes.

Take a Nap

The pitter-patter of rain on your apartment window can lull anyone to sleep. And

With all the work, activities, and social engagements we have to do, it is hard to find time to care for ourselves. Busy people wait for burnout before they start taking care of themselves but this isn’t sustainable in the long run. Making time to spoil yourself should be a part of your routine.

If you still find it hard to make some “me-time” and add yourself into your schedule, make it a habit whenever it rains outside. Rainy days usually force us to stay indoors. Since you’re already stuck, why not make a day of spoiling yourself out of it?

if it’s dark outside due to the clouds covering the sky, your body will produce natural melatonin. This sleep-related hormone will signal to your brain that it’s time for sleep so if you find yourself feeling sleepy—don’t fight it.

The rain can ruin your plans for the day. But if you look at it as an opportunity to do self-care activities, you might appreciate the unexpected weather.

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