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Family Day Ideas: 5 Creative Games On a Rainy Day

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Everyone is looking forward to that perfect Family Day. But the weather might change abruptly, and why let it spoil making memories with your family? That is why it’s important to know that fun doesn’t always have to be outside, and with a little planning you will never know it was raining.

Here are 5 creative game ideas that will surely bring excitement and enable you to make beautiful memories with your family for years to come.


Who doesn’t know how to play this classic game called Charades? It’s a classic and is one of the staple games in every gathering. You won’t need much fuss to begin—gathering around your living room, all you need is a timer, pieces of paper with the keywords on it, and just some acting and gestures to help the rest of your teammates guess what word you've gotten.

Treasure Hunt

Indoor treasure hunting is one of the most exciting, challenging, and ...rewarding games you can have the family play. And while you’re doing it indoors, you’d be surprised how moderately hard it is to hunt for things kept in a rather familiar home setup. For a twist, you can let the family roleplay ancient treasure hunters or wizards who are looking for the most precious treasure in the world.

Amazing Race

Who said that an amazing race can only be played outside? Stations can always be set inside the house, and you can even do it in each room. Each living space has its own ambiance and function to accommodate unique and extra-challenging tasks. In the kitchen, you can whip off a cooking challenge; in the bedroom, a competitive pillow fight with a twist of remaking the bed; in the living room, an entertainment quiz. The possibilities are limitless; and if you want to be sneaky about it, you can even mix up the challenges with the household chores. That’s just like hitting two birds with one stone, ha—this is one game mom is sure to love!

Recreate a Picture

Because it's a Family Day, it's a beautiful feeling to reminisce on the wonderful memories you have made as a family. Now is the time to dig deep into the family's old photos--grandmothers' and grandfathers' young times, baby pictures, teen-awkward moments. To complete this, simply recreate the picture for everyone to see. The team or person with the perfect, most creative, or most hilarious recreation is sure to win this game.

Complete the Puzzle--with a Twist

Teamwork makes the dream work, and this game is surely going to make the family's teamwork vibe skyrocket. Divide the family into teams. The teams will have different puzzles to complete. The twist is, the puzzle pieces are hidden around the house, and each team must look for that puzzle. How could they complete it? Well, each team member will receive a unique riddle. The answer to the riddle is the place or item where that specific puzzle piece is hidden. Solve each other's riddles, look for the puzzle pieces, and complete the puzzle! Totally a perfect game while it's raining outside.

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